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Emergency Call

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On DVD January 28, 2021

A little girl suffering from a terminal illness is rushed to the hospital. She may lose her life if the correct blood donor is not found in time. Her blood type is very rare and saving her life becomes a race against time. Dr. Carter (Anthony Steel) and police inspector Lane (Jack Warner) set out to track down three potential donors. Will they be able to find them and persuade them to donate their blood to save the child's life? Three donors are located: a white boxer, a black sailor, and a murderer who has been on the run from the police for a number of years. One of the donors is a match for the girl's blood type, but which one? This story is a real tearjerker. Thoughtfully scripted and engaging British thriller from the early fifties. Beautifully told story, well produced, well presented, great performances by classic British actors, picture quality and sound are great. You've got to see this one - it's unforgettable and touching.....

Not Rated.

Released by Allied Vaughn. See more credits.