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2020 Drama/Suspense Not Rated 88 Minutes

No art available

In Theaters N/A
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In Bishop, a town filled with secrets, the 3 Simon sisters, Belle, Rachel, & Jessa, are trying to cope with their mother's absence and maintain a normal life. Silently repressing them is Rick, their damaged father who, adrift himself, is growing increasingly obsessed with The Rapture that he believes is imminent.

With home anything but a refuge, the sisters must cling to one another to survive. The girls, attending Catholic school, & going thru teen challenges, bear the brunt of their Father's quest to rejoin their mother.

Belle, the oldest, is the force, Rachel, the pleaser, and Jessa, the youngest, chooses to be mute after tragedy befell their family.

Belle is attracted to an older dangerous-type boy, Joey, who might or might not be on her side. On the night that Rick believes to be The Rapture, he attempts to take his daughters to "the other side". As the bell tolls, Joey shows his true colors and the mystery of their mother's disappearance is revealed in a shattering climax.

Not Rated.

Released by Gravitas Ventures. See more credits.